This is a repository of resources to help you locate that perfect job within the arts industry. If you have any resources you’d like to see on this page, please make a suggestion on our contact form. Flying Arts also lists jobs and opportunities with closing dates over the coming month/s. If you’d like to check them out, please do so at our Jobs and Opportunities Updates page.


External Job Listings

  • ArtsHub – Jobs, news, reviews and what’s happening in creative arts
  • Art Monthly Australia – Magazine containing jobs, news, reviews of art in Australia and around the world
  • ArtSource (Western Australia) – Western Australia artist employment and project management service
  • [Australian Youth Ambassadors Program (AYAD)][external link] – Volunteering opportunities for artists in developing countries
  • Creative Jobs Central – Thousands of jobs listed on website
  • Pedestrian Jobs – Specialising in jobs within the Creative Industries, Pedestrian Jobs is constantly updating their pool of Australia-wide available positions.
  • Queensland Government SmartJobs – Queensland Government jobs and careers